Inspired by our friends and colleagues in the Chicago theater community who have created the Chicago Theatre Standards, we are embarking on a similar initiative to codify a shared set of values regarding sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination. Together, we can affect industry-wide change and build a better arts community that supports and sustains artists of all gender, racial, religious, and cultural identities.

The Standards are a template to be customized by each group that adopts them. Organizations and projects that adopt The Standards should take it upon themselves to enforce them. Best practices include designating two compliance officers who will promptly respond to and investigate reported violations.

Members of the Chicago media and film community collaborated to create these industry standards for maintaining safe and inclusive work environments.


The Chicago Media Standards were created and published in partnership with liftUPlift Worldwide, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that empowers allies in schools, workplaces and communities to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

Organizations may also partner with liftUPlift Worldwide for support with compliance. Contact for more information.

Special thanks to Corielle Heath, Heather Becker, Eugene Sun Park and Full Spectrum Features, Aymar Jean Christian, Jacquelyn Jamjoom, Nicole Bernardi-Reis, Angie Gaffney, Jack C. Newell, Kaleigh Herter, Ines Sommer, and Michele Santiago for their tireless support of this initiative, and assisting in bringing it to life.